CAL Block #01

I am going to showcase my CAL squares pattern by pattern. Obviously, the CAL started way back in January, but we’re not so far in that I couldn’t go back and begin showing them off from the start.

The first granny square pattern was called “Tamara’s Kismet Square” and can be found here. The Jacob’s Ladder was an interesting new technique for me to learn that was a) very annoying to do, but b) yielded very interesting results that have an awesome texture and are great to look at. (Still – I’ll probably never do another one of those in my lifetime!)

I actually ended up doing three of these, having done the first one with a hook one size too small and ending up frogging the whole thing. My goal was to get a square that is 25 cm across, which I am most closely achieving with a 5mm hook – something I have learned the hard way. *ribbit*

I pride myself in being a good and experienced crocheter who’s never had a problem reading and understanding a pattern before, but I admit that after several failed attempts I finally had to surrender to this one. It may have had something to do with the very late hour in which I started this square, coupled with the very long day at work that I’d had – but be that as it may, I actually had to give up that first night and was very frustrated with it.

So the CAL wasn’t exactly off to a good start, but the next day things were much better. It wasn’t actually the pattern’s fault (- as I had unfairly assumed that first evening), but all my sleep deprivation’s, and with the help of the excellent instructional videos on the pattern site I got it all done just spiffily in the end.

By the way, I am using Schachenmayr’s Bravo for this project, in turquoise (ID# 08193), natural tweed (ID# 00002), light brown heather (ID# 08197), and chocolate (ID# 08281).


It is 100% polyacrylic yarn, and one skein weighs 50 grams (~ 133 m).

Also, I have created so many granny square projects before, but until this one I have never actually bothered to block any of them. I guess it is due to the rather large size of the squares that makes irregularities more noticeable, but after I finished a couple of squares I actually realized the necessity and went out to buy myself a regular cork board and a bunch of colorful pins. If you ask me now, I couldn’t tell you how I ever lived without wet-blocking granny squares before! Such straight edges! Such awesome 90° angles! Plus, wet-blocking helps to correct slight aberrations in size and give the different patterns a more polished look.

And speaking of correcting slight size-aberrations and polished looks: I have decided to add the same light brown sc (2 rows) border around every square, which really helps to visually tie in the different squares with each other and give them all a more unified look.

So, without further ado: here are my two squares for pattern #01 – Tamara’s Kismet Square à la Crochetophile!

Thank you, Jessie from Jessie At Home for this beautiful pattern!

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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