Design Improv Workshop: Mystery Blog Hop CAL Scarf

Because I don’t have nearly enough WIPs and various other assorted things (- read: studying for University!) to do, I immediately decided to participate, when I stumbled upon this last night:

Design Improv Workshop: Mystery Blog Hop CAL Scarf

Here’s what the creator over at Stitches N Scraps has to say about it:

Instead of putting the pattern together by ourselves, we’re going to make it a mystery CAL blog hop!  I will kick things off with a post on April 1st (no joke), with the first few rows of a scarf pattern. After that, another designer will post a new section every 2 days.

The pattern has not been written ahead of time, so it will be brand new to us as we’re creating it. Since the sections will build off each other, each designer will have 2 days to design and post their section. When we run out of sections, the pattern can be repeated as needed for the length of a scarf.

Well, I’m game. I also have several skeins of this cool fringy silver yarn laying around that I never quite knew what to do with. It’s Rellana BALI (color ID #018), made of 55% viscose, 32% polyamide and 13% cotton, à 50 grams (~ 65 m).


It says on the label that it’s suitable for hook sizes 3.5 to 4.5, but I am actually using a 5.5 and I feel like it’s just about right for it. Personally, I wouldn’t go any smaller. Other than that, though, it is surprisingly easy to work with.

There is also a group Pinterest board set up for this, which can be found here.

This Mystery CAL ends on April 21st, so I am kind of late with this already, but that doesn’t keep me from joining, anyway. Maybe I’ll catch up with the rest. So without further ado: here is my take on section 01 of this thing, which was created by Stitches N Scraps and can be found here.

But for now I need to get my flabby arse off the couch and go for a jog! Gorgeous weather, today, and I just bought myself a pair of new running pants that desperately want to be tried out.

(And no, in case you are wondering: I am not a runner, or even a sporty person at all – the couch is my natural habitat. But I am a) carrying a good 20 kg too many around with me that need to burn in hell, and b) I have sorta kinda made a commitment to participate in a 5K in September, so I am currently in the process of adapting to a more active lifestyle. I am trying to accomplish this with a neat little app called Couch to 5K, and this will only be my third workout with it.)

EDIT #1:

I just finished section 02 as well. (And yes, I also went for a run. 3K in 26:21.)

This part was written by American Crochet and can be found here.


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