Unravelling fast, it’s true…

Please excuse the Queen-reference*, but ugh.

Tapestry crochet, as it turns out, isn’t quite as intuitive as it may seem. The lesson I learned (the hard way): if you do tapestry crochet in just rounds, your design will end up skewed to the left (- if you are right-handed).

Which I noticed, when a part of Freddie‘s shirt that was supposed to be perfectly straight… well, wasn’t. (Another sneaky reference! Ha! We have many things in common, Freddie & I.)


See? Epic tapestry-crochet-fail.

Google and YouTube then explained this phenomenon to me, and I learned yet another lesson: get proper instructions BEFORE you start a very time-consuming monster project.

Like this video, for instants:

So I have frogged my six rows and started all over, using the method described above, stitching my scs from behind.

This time, though, I am just doing the front of the pillow case – as opposed to before, when I tried to crochet the whole cushion (front and back) in one sitting in rounds. This doesn’t work anymore when working in regular back-and-forth-rows, anyway. I’ll probably have The Husband sew on a backing once the front is done. (He knows how to do that, he’s awesome.)


* The reference, in case you were wondering, is from here:

(And yes, I am going to be taking these opportunities for Queen references for as long as it takes for me to finish this cushion project.)

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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