CAL Block #04


Okay, this one I actually have a beef with – and as of right now, I only have 1 of 2 finished, and I just can’t get myself to get started with #2.

Why, you ask? It’s certainly pretty to look at – it really is. No issues there. It’s called Family Square and was thought up by Busting Stitches. You can find the pattern here.

Upon first glance, I was really intrigued.

But then, this happened:

Family Square - Fail
Family Square – Fail

So I thought to myself: I made a mistake. It does happen, no biggie. Block #01 was mean to me like that too, and in the end I got it all worked out. So I frogged it. And started over. And the same thing happened again. So I started over a third time. Counting and re-counting every single stitch.

And the same thing happened. Again.

Turns out: it’s a faulty pattern. I went back a few steps and made some adjustments in order to get it to look the way it is supposed to. And once I had the stitches made to match up, it was smooth sailing from there. Until I got to row 11. The steps of which are actually split into 42 sub-points, making the pattern look like it consists of 53 rows. Um, no. I decided to stop right then and there, forgo the fancy 42-step-border, and just add some dcs around in order to reach my 25 cm across. Then called it a day, thank you very much.

Still – I love the way the finished piece looks… but as it is, I can’t be arsed to do it all over again. (Which won’t do, really – since my slight OCD tells me that I absolutely need to have 2 of each pattern, or else the afghan will not be perfect and will have to be thrown out. So I know I will get back to it at some point… in the future.)

I am kind of annoyed that a faulty pattern like this one made it into the CAL in the first place, but I am appeased by the fact that the finished block does look very pretty.

Actually – as far as looks go, so far this is my absolute favorite. See for yourself:

This project can also be found on Ravelry.

UPDATE: I have finished #2 of this pattern, so I have updated the photo gallery of this entry.


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Block #02 | Starburst
Block #01 | Tamara’s Kismet Square


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