The Epic Quest for Benevolence

In non-crochet-related news: here’s a startup-project of friends of mine, which is called The Epic Quest for Benevolence, or EQ4B for short.


The project lives on a Facebook-Page for now, and it’s brand-new, but the concept is so awesome that it definitely is worthy of some attention.

Here’s what the founders have to say about it:

Let me guess – deep down you are a good person and you want to change the world? Well, you are in the right place, buddy.
This is the initiative that can restore your faith in humanity.

Imagine a world (*deep US trailer voice over*) where good deeds can happen to you at any time.
Imagine a project where we can all play the hero in the greatest RPG ever (and it has amazing 3D graphics): LIFE

Basically, you do a random good deed, report it on the page, and collect XP in order to level up. Perfect for the good-hearted little geek that lives inside all of us. (Well, most of us, anyway.)

It’d be awesome if you’d head over there right now and show the founders Dani & Guillaume some love, and pay your respects for a project of which the main goal is basically nothing less than to make this world a better place. Even if it is on a small individual scale.

(Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward? It’s basically like that – only with added XP points.)


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