CAL Block #07

Well, well. The Crochet Pinwheel Afghan Square. I saw it, saw that it was very pretty – and yet my first impulse was a deep, resounding NO.

It looked like way too much of a hassle – I am not too partial about itty-bitty parts that need a lot of assembly and weaving in of ends, and this definitely looked like exactly one of those things. (And I need two!) But because the outcome was so interesting-looking, I gave the pattern from one dog woof a try, anyway…

…and was disheartened almost immediately. Basically, the pattern asks you to snip off your yarn with every color change – and there are three color changes in every row. Alternatively, the option is to carry along the yarn as you go. I tried that, because yarn-snippage really wasn’t an option for me. Only, this didn’t quite work either – at least not in such a way that I was happy with the result.

So I thought about the pattern a bit, and then modified it. Instead of snipping or carrying the yarn, I solved the problem by going backwards with slip-stitches until I reached the points where a color change was to be done. This method doesn’t quite add to the bulk of the finished piece as I thought it would, doesn’t leave a bazillion lose ends to weave in, and is definitely cleaner looking than carrying along the yarn.

Here’s my result, wrong-side up:

Not so bad, eh?

I actually posted my suggestion on the creator’s site as a comment and got a little bit of good feedback on it. Of course, I do not wish to tread into someone else’s territory, I respect the work of crochet designers a lot (- I myself couldn’t do it!), I merely tried to give some input with problems I personally ran into. If it helped someone – good. If it didn’t – good. It certainly helped me, and that’s really all I needed in order to stick it through with the pattern.

I am very glad I did, though – the square is very pretty – and yet… halfway through #02 I got tired of all the itty-bitty stuff, regardless. Love the outcome, though! Especially with the added little button!

With this I am now all caught up with showing off my previously made squares. The new pattern is out already and I am halfway through with my first square for it! Can’t wait to post it.

This project can also be found on Ravelry.

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