Spring Cleaning

It was about time, too. I have this beautiful little basket that is meant to store all of my WIPs, and this crochet bag I made a couple of years ago, which is meant to store all active WIPs while I am on the go.

Which is all good in theory, but in reality my basket has been accumulating more WIPs than I care to count, and has also been abused to store some yarn that I was too lazy to properly put away – and my bag has been crumpled up in some shelf, holding some balls of yarn, while a completely ugly bag with my company’s logo has been used to carry my CAL afghan around. My Queen cushion WIP was on yet another shelf…


So I sat down and worked through my basket, and ended up unraveling 2 projects, and completely chucking out 2 others, and it felt liberating instead of terrible.

I unraveled a black scarf that I started to knit a couple of winters ago, with fur yarn that is so soft and cuddly, yet a total pain to work with. Realizing that I will probably never even wear this thing, because it will most likely make me sweat like crazy, it had to go. Of course, my daughter saw what I was doing and ordered a scarf for herself made from this yarn for next winter. Uh – ok.

Furry Scarf

This is a picture from when this project was still new and full of potential…

Anyway. Number 2 was the Mystery Blog Hop CAL Scarf. The yarn I used didn’t work out for this scarf at all and I ended up very strongly disliking what I was making, and since by that time the CAL was officially over already anyway… meh.

What I threw away were the beginnings of a bear hoodie which I started to crochet for my son from scratch and totally didn’t work out – and what should have been these really awesome Cozy Crocheted Slipper Boots, but actually were just… ummm… lol.

(I’ll try those again next fall, because they look so damn awesome!)

So my stuff is all sorted and nice once again. My bag now holds my current block for the CAL, as well as my Freddie cushion, along with some spare yarn for each, and my tools. My basket has been reduced to the WIPs I actually plan on finishing at some point:

  • a lacy, airy summer scarf for me (crochet)
  • a lacy, airy summer scarf for my mother-in-law (crochet)
  • a cowl for my husband for next winter, along with a set of hand-warmers (knit & crochet)
  • a snowball-yarn scarf for my son (knit)
  • a scarf for me (knit)
  • a half-finished amigurumi (crochet)
  • the Freddie cushion (tapestry crochet), and
  • the Moogly CAL Afghan

Another thing that needs to be done is a crochet amigurumi mobile for my little nephew, who’s due in early August. I already have plans, but nothing too definite yet… there’s still enough time, I keep telling myself.

WIP Basket


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Ah, feeling organised is such a nice way to feel 🙂 my crochet drawers need organising, too. There’s at least one WIP that will be frogged and I anticipate relief will be the overriding feeling! I love the black fluffy yarn though, look forward to seeing the end result!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’ll be a while until I touch that furry stuff again, for sure. Thanks for the follow – I headed on over to your blog and just had to follow you right back! I like your writing and your work! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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