How to organize yarn while working on a multi-color project

Since my current two active projects are the Moogly CAL 2015 and the Freddie Mercury Tapestry Crochet Cushion, I am constantly dealing with multiple color changes, respectively several balls of yarn that I have to untangle, as I carry them along.

It’s quite a hassle, really.

Up until now I’ve been dealing with this without spending too many thoughts on it, but at some point every crocheter reaches the moment when enough’s definitely enough. I could use all this time that I spend untangling, well… actually crocheting.

So I spent some time on Pinterest, and here’s some of the stuff that I found:


This knitting-needle-and-basket-idea seems super neat, because not only does it keep your yarn in check as you use it, but when you are done working for the day, you can just as easily use the basket to store your project. I like it – but for me it lacks portability, plus I already have a pretty basket to hold all my stuff. This would take up too much space for me.

Tissue boxes! I actually really love this one, but again, for me it lacks portability. Also, I am not sure my husband wouldn’t be too happy about boxes taking up space in our living room, no matter how nicely decorated the tissue boxes would probably end up being.

These cut up plastic bottles are a very interesting idea.

Yarn-in-a-cup! I love it! And they’re quite portable, too.

The solution I like best, though, because it is the most economical in terms of space and portability, is the ziploc one, as you can see here:

Ziploc Yarn

All neatly packed up, no more tangling! And much more time actually working on my project.

What’s your favorite solution for this little problem?

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