Changing plans and exploring new things!

So, let’s face it: crocheting this elaborate mobile I have in mind in something like 7 weeks really isn’t going to happen.

You may say that I was procrastinating and am now panicking, and you may be onto something, but in my defense I am going to tell you: I have already knitted my nephew a jacket, which is quite extraordinary, considering that I have never knitted anything more complicated than a scarf before.

Actually, I am quite proud of it:


You can find the pattern for this jacket here: Chaqueta de Bebé a dos agujas. It’s a Spanish pattern, but it’s very image-heavy, so if you know your knitting it really isn’t a problem to follow it anyway.

So, yeah. We’re only 2 weeks(!) away from moving, and I can barely find enough leisure to sit down and study for my exam, much less find extended amounts of time during which I could sit and crochet. (And a crapload of tiny little cute amigurumis, at that. We all know how time-consuming they are.)

The solution to the problem jumped at me yesterday, when a co-worker said to me:

“Why don’t you make felt animals instead? They are hella cute and really easy to make!”

I pondered. I pinterested.

I loved!

I changed my plans. I bought. I started.

Felt Plushie CloudAll my planned figures for the mobile can be made with felt, too.

Let’s just say that there is some room for improvement when it comes to my blanket stitch, and I have yet to learn how to change thread and finish it, but I am quite positive that when I get to my very last little figure, I will have perfected it.

(Plus: endless possibilities for future stuffed animals for the kids!)

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