Coloring for Adults: a first Update!

Okay, I admit: coloring actually is relaxing, when you manage to stop feeling silly when busting out your color pencils and your coloring book on the family dining table while everybody is watching, and the other adult at home is quizzically raising his eyebrows.

(Which I couldn’t quite manage.)

(However – my daughter at least was very intrigued at the kind of delicate stuff in my book, something very different to what she’s used to seeing in her own coloring books.)

Anyway – I have finished my first page:

It’s a weird sensation of accomplishment. (Accomplishment! I mean, c’mon – it’s coloring for god’s sake!)

But still. I feel like I have successfully battled my inner little hamster running frantically in its wheel, and forced myself to calm down and patiently sit with something that doesn’t constantly flash and pop up in front of my eyes. Take a deep breath, take a good look, get started, go into the zone. Stick it through.

(Other people I know – and yes, I know quite a bunch of them – relentlessly paint tiny little figures or various models for games… isn’t this pretty much the same concept? I think so.)

So yes… there will be more pages like this one. Children are definitely on to something here!



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