We’ve moved!

We – as in: my family and I. It is done. Kind of. Meaning: simply moving all our belongings from point A to point B doesn’t actually mean that the move is done. We’re currently busy renovating a bit, and of course re-building our furniture and finding new places for old things…

There are quite a few things that have to be done in here, though, before everything can be put up and put away, mostly because the old tenants a) had absolutely NO sense of style and taste, and therefore the entire hardwood floor upstairs has to be replaced with something that actually isn’t an acute eye-sore, and b) had absolutely NO sense of doing things the proper way, which is why quite some stuff has to be pretty much fixed. And it’s these little details that constitute most of the hold-up.

Which is also why I am not crocheting these days. I am like 4 or 5 squares behind on the Moogly CAL, and despite the heat, my hands are itching for some good old crochet-work! We are sitting in absolute chaos, and it won’t clear up for at least another week or so – and right now I wish for nothing more than a quiet evening on the couch, binge-watching some TV-show, and mindlessly crochet. Only – we don’t even have the TV up yet!

At least I’ve got my priorities straight, though: today we’ve worked on finishing the bedroom, and the first shelf that was put up and filled with stuff?

Yarn Shelf

Exactly. My yarn-shelf.


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