Due to a) it being (a very hot) summer, and b) us moving, I haven’t had my hands on a hook in literally months. I haven’t missed it, due to a) it being (a very hot) summer, and b) us moving, and standing knee-deep in an unimaginable chaos of boxes and disassembled furniture and other random assorted things. But now that the chaos is slowly subsiding and making room for order and niceness, I do feel that I miss this quiet quality time with myself in the evenings.

It’s really been a chaotic and stressful couple of months, which haven’t only put me way behind with the Moogly CAL project, but also cost me an entire semester at University. Moving and being productive for University apparently don’t go together well at all – at least not in my case, when I also have a full-time job and a family to take care of. It bugs me a lot, but then I try to look on the bright side: endless quiet evenings full of crochet instead of endless stressful evenings full of trying to catch up with what I absolutely can’t catch up with anymore. I give up and surrender this semester to this move, and try to unwind and relax until the new one starts.

So, as the title to this posting reveals: my hands are now itching to get working on my projects again. Here’s a quick rundown of my most important/pressing WIPs at the moment:

Moogly’s 2015 Afghan Crochet-Along

The CAL is currently at square #15, while I am stuck at… well… #09. Ahem. Lots to catch up to. I have actually gotten started with #14 (Tamara 12″ Square) last week, but then I got distracted – probably by some box or another that needed to be unpacked, or maybe a cabinet that needed to be organized, or a piece of furniture that needed to be bought and assembled. Also, I haven’t yet found the pinboard I use for blocking. Or even my pins for that matter. (Have I mentioned just how disruptive a move is to your crocheting routine and mojo? Ugh.)

Tapestry-Crochet Pillow Cases

Freddie has been resting in peace for a long time now, even since before the move.

(Ha! See what I did there?)

Admittedly, I haven’t been too happy with the look of my first-ever tapestry project, and neither with the feel of it. Something about it just isn’t quite… right… and when I look at pictures of other projects on Pinterest, like the very many very awesome graphghans out there, I can see that I am just not doing it right. There is something wrong with mine… and I couldn’t figure out quite what that could be.

Until I stumbled upon this: The Crochet Crowd’s Crochet Graph Afghan Series.

Bobbins! The secret ingredient to a clean look are freaking bobbins!

What a d’oh! moment. Here I am calling myself an experienced crocheter, and then… I had no idea.

Maybe you didn’t either, so here’s a video:

I feel silly now.

*ribbit* – yet again. Very annoying – yet I look forward to trying this thing again the right way. Only, until I get to that, there is the most pressing matter of the…


…to take care of.

Baby-nephew is officially due in 3 days. So, as it is commonly known, he might as well make his appearance today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Who knows. At any rate, I haven’t advanced with my mobile project one single bit during the move… and I already prepared my dear sister for my epic auntie-fail. She was not amused – however, a move is a legit reason, is it not? Plus, with the next heat wave approaching fast I strongly advise her not to go into labor anytime soon, anyway – cause who wants to squeeze out a baby at temperatures in the low 100s?

(Seriously. Fuck that heat. 51 days until fall officially starts, and yes: I am counting the days.)

So, my dear sister: squeeze your legs tight and keep that bun in the oven until the oven outside has gone out again – and Auntie has had enough time to finish her project, m’kay?

I am happy to say, though, I have had the chance to work on it again yesterday, and not only is it a tremendously fun thing to do, it’s also one that works up rather quickly. I do have my hopes up that I will finish on time – provided that my baby-nephew doesn’t make his appearance in the next couple of days.

I’d love to post pictures, alas… not yet. 🙂

Fortune’s Shawlette

Fortune's Shawlette

Ah, this isn’t actually a WIP, but a soon-to-be-WIP, because I think it would look awesome with my iron metallic Katia Air Lux yarn:

Katia Air Lux

What do you think?

(I also suddenly feel like working on the shawlette for my mother-in-law again, which I have started sometime last year and which has been collecting dust ever since. I’ll post pictures and the pattern in a later post.)

You see… lots to do. I think all these plans will help me getting over the loss of this semester quite well.


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