A bit more Felting Fun…!

A very long while ago I have seen a website somewhere, which offered a special kind of service where you could submit a drawing of your child and be handed a plushie in its likeness in return. I always thought that was a really awesome idea, albeit a bit on the pricey side. I toyed with the idea of crocheting an amigurumi using drawings of my kids as reference, but I could never muster the energy for such an undertaking. It would take forever and probably would be a lot of trial and error, and I haven’t had the energy for a lot of fidgety projects for a long while now. Being unable to use a sewing machine and not wanting to bother any of my sewing-machine-savvy friends, I forgot about the idea soon after.

Cue felting.

As I was working on the mobile, watching my daughter draw something, it came back to me with a vengeance. Felting was the answer! Any my baby nephew was the reason.

Unfortunately, my son wanted nothing to do with this debauchery, but my daughter was all into the idea right away. She drew a bear-like thing for me for exactly this purpose… but as it goes with moves sometimes, her drawing was soon lost in the current chaos surrounding us. Too bad, because she decided on another thing she needed me to make in the bear’s stead.

A Triceratops-Merman-Policeman-Baby.

Yes. A Triceratops-Merman-Policeman-Baby.

And when she got stuck with it she asked me in all seriousness to “google it”, to see what these things look like, for reference. I couldn’t deliver – and she got highly upset. Not to mention that I told her that her drawing was really awesome, but not doable in felt. Awe. A few hours later, the bear drawing mysteriously turned up again. And thus, while The Husband was wrapping white string around the wooden circle of The Baby Nephew Felt Plushie Mobile, I set to turn her drawing into a plushie.

And here’s a side-by-side: drawing and finished plushie. What an adorable process! (And maybe I can even get my son to supply me with a new model sometime in the future, as well.)

Drawing Plushie 3


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