The Baby Nephew Felt Plushie Mobile!

I think when someone says…

“Out of 1000 mobiles we would have picked exactly this one.”

…I guess it’s safe to say that the project was a full-blown success? 🙂 Yes, my nephew has made his way into this world safely and almost perfectly on time, and in a monster-late-night-session of sewing, which helped to take my mind off my sister going through labor, I managed to finish what I didn’t think I could finish anymore before his arrival.

After I’ve had the clouds and the sun laying around untouched for weeks, I have added the next step: stars. (Super Mario kinda stars, to be exact. They are just the cutest in my book!)

So then there were 3 white clouds, 3 grey clouds, the sun, and 3 Mario stars in total. Next came the UFO – obviously. We’re in space, after all!

(It was mistaken for a kiwi-cookie by a dear friend of mine… the shock! The horror! I’ll just graciously overlook this slight, dear friend who shall remain unnamed – this time.)

So after the kiwi-cook… errr, UFO, it was time to add some atmospheric phenomena. Raindrops, to be exact. 6 in total, 2 per grey cloud. And a plane, to battle the elements. And when you have a plane, you absolutely gotta have a parachutist that looks like a yellow gingerbread-man, wouldn’t you agree? Like so:

Mobile 4

The original plan was to actually go down a few more “layers” until I basically “hit the ground”, meaning: beneath the plane I wanted to add a bird, and beneath that some bugs, like a ladybug, or a butterfly – the beginnings of which you can see on the bottom left corner of the image above – and then end each string with a friendly little flower that would smile benevolently down at my nephew.

Mobile 5

I, however, realized very quickly that if I stuck with this plan, a) the mobile would end up way too large, b) would render me unable to ever finish it on time, and c) wouldn’t look very well put together at all. That half-butterfly up there made me realize that birds and bugs and flowers would totally clash with the mood I had already established, so I decided to ditch my original master plan, and stick with the “air” theme instead. So then, what else to add?

Right, a helicopter. Which turned out to be my absolute favorite element of the bunch, because CUTENESS! And then… I created my final layout. I added some wooden beads here and there in colors that made sense to me, and some tiny golden bells for added audible interest.

Mobile 6

For the strings I decided to go for a uniform blue to represent the sky, except for the strand with the sun, which had to be yellow. Initially I had wanted all the colors of the rainbow for the strands, but ultimately decided against it, thinking it would all become way too visually busy. I went ahead and started to crochet the strings in chain stitches. I had quite some trouble assembling everything the way I wanted, and couldn’t quite make it look right – but by then it was already around 1 AM, I had only about an hour before learned about the safe arrival of my nephew, and I had been sitting and cutting and sewing on the hardwood floor for HOURS already. I finished chain-stitching all 5 blue strands anyway (- despite not liking the method), and eventually went to bed.

The next morning it was perfectly clear that the strands would have to be redone. The chain-stitches just wouldn’t do, so I unraveled everything and started over, this time not doing anything with the yarn at all, other than adding the beads, bells, and felt plushies to it.

In the meantime, my husband had created the wooden circle for the mobile from a round cutting board, from which he had cut out the middle. I hadn’t been able to find anything remotely suitable for the purpose when I was hunting for materials all these months ago, so this was what we came up with. He did a really good job with it, too – sanding it into a nice, smooth wooden circle that was just right in size for my purpose. I tied the 6 strands to the wooden circle, crocheted 3 strings of chain-stitches that would hold the mobile up, added some more beads, braided the rest – et voilà. In the end, the husband helped me by wrapping the wooden circle with the tied-on strings with white yarn all around for a very finished look, while I worked on yet another little felt-plushie for my nephew… which shall be elaborated upon in my next posting.

Behold – The Baby Nephew Felt Plushie Mobile!

It feels so good to have finished this very important and very detailed project… very accomplished. And having finished it on time despite the circumstances of the extremely time consuming move.

A very special thing for a very special very tiny little person.


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