Bobbins vs. no Bobbins

On the left: my previous work without using bobbins. I carried all the yarn along for as long as it took, and – no real surprise – it shines through the finished fabric, which really doesn’t look (- or feel!) good at all.

On the right: my current work, which is done using bobbins. I admit: the work with these things is quite a hassle, but I also notice that I am starting to get the hang of it as I go. It’s a huge mess, sure, but it’s a manageable mess, and the outcome looks great.

And speaking of messes: we have de-messed our deck and have created our new comfy chill-out area outside. IKEA currently has a sale where they give away the VÄRMDÖ rocking chair for a whopping 60€ (= 60%) less than it’s usual price, and we both instantly liked it, and since we hadn’t yet agreed on how our chill-out corner was supposed to look like in the first place, we had a definite winner.

Look, where I’ll be crocheting from now on!

From morning to 11:20 AM on weekends, that is – and then again after 8 PM for all other days, because we are currently suffering through Dante’s Inferno, and our deck is facing west – which means direct sun and temperatures in the low 100s from noon to when the blazing fireball finally drops behind the horizon and all its death-rays with it.


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