My Baby Blankets through the Years

As I have mentioned in my introductory post, what started off my crochet-craze after I haven’t touched a hook or needles since my first years in high school, was the pending birth of the baby of a dear friend. I wanted to do something special, and when I put words to my idea that I wanted to try and crochet a blanket, all I got was raised eyebrows and several “You’ll never finish it.”s, based on my intense dislike for all things knit and crochet from back when I was a high school kid. Granted.

Well, I bought Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match anyway, and got to work.

Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks

I was actually really curious myself to see if I would stick it through, or get bored with it and chuck it all out again. Up until then I had been known for dappling around in new hobby ideas here and there, only to give them up again after a few, or even the first, attempt. (Photoblogging. Life drawing. Sculpting. Digital drawing. Photomanipulation. Bass playing.) 

Even my husband rolled his eyes, looking at the money I spent on the book and the hook and the yarn. “Yet another thing for you to give up on.”, he said in exasperation.

I’d say it was quite a fair assumption based on experience. And yet… little Olivia was born on January 9, 2010 – and this is what she received for her birth:


I was not only insanely proud of myself, but also pregnant with my own second baby, so when my son Erik was born on May 27, 2010, this is what I wrapped him into:


Alas! The next baby was already due that upcoming November, and the one after that around Christmas! So on November 13, 2010 Benedikt received his Twinni blanket, while his mom and I worked hard together to finish Mia’s blanket on time for December 24, 2010:

As you can see… I actually did stick it through with crocheting, and what’s more: got literally obsessed with it. I learned a lot making these baby blankets, and the improvement from Olivia’s to Mia’s was quite remarkable.

For a while, even Benedikt’s mom was right up my alley with crocheting, and we’d spend our weekly (or more) afternoons together in her backyard during our maternity leaves, sitting on a blanket underneath a tree, crocheting the hours away while our kids played, or napped. It was highly idyllic and beautiful and very many fond memories are tied to these days. (Until everything changed… but that story is neither here nor there. The fond memories remain.)

After Mia’s blanket there was no need for another one until 2012 rolled around. On November 30 our quasi-nephew David was born to my husband’s best friend and his wife. Of course, he needed to have a crochet blanket as well, into which I incorporated the colors of the flags of both Austria and Ecuador – the countries his parents were born in:

DavidIf you’d ask me which one is my favorite of the bunch, I’d have to say it’s this one right here. I simply love the color combination, and it’s so bright and happy!

And last, but probably not least, here’s Michi’s blanket – a deviation from the usual pattern, and a new challenge. I guess I got bored with this granny-square-galore after 5 blankets, and needed a change. Michi came into this world on May 8, 2013 – and his mom is a big fan of owls, so here goes:

No babies in sight for now… my newborn nephew was gifted with a mobile instead of a blanket, since my sister had already made a crochet blanket herself way in advance and thus cheated me of the experience. But I have at least one friend who’s still planning on procreating, and maybe a few siblings for previously-gifted babies will make their way as well – so it remains to be seen.

Now that you’ve seen what got me into the craft, I will soon share my crazy amigurumi-doll-mass-production-Christmas-project with you, stay tuned.

(In the meantime, go check out my Crochet Gallery – it’s recently been updated and you can find all of my blankets collected there!)

Olivia’s Blanket can also be found on Ravelry.


7 thoughts on “My Baby Blankets through the Years

      1. I have Jan Eaton’s too. In fact I think I have most of her books. She wrote an equivalent 200 blocks book for knitting blocks. But I much prefer crochet, it’s faster. I love Jan’s no nonsense approach to everything 🙂


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