The Fortune’s Shawlette

I decided that tonight would be the perfect night to start with Moogly’s Fortune’s Shawlette. I know! I know I have a bunch of WIPs laying around, so don’t roll your eyes at me like that… but you know that sometimes, when the urge strikes, you just have to give in and follow it… right?

Right. So I did. I grabbed my beautiful Katia Air Lux yarn and a size 3.5 hook and began. I have been dying to use this yarn for a very long time now, I had just never found a pattern that I considered suitable for it. I was sure that this would be the one.

Katia Air Lux

There is a wonderful video tutorial for the pattern that can be found here. It helped me to figure out this pattern nicely, and after a couple of rows I could literally crochet it blindly. It’s very easy, yet looks extremely complicated.

Fortune's Shawlette 1I absolutely loved it, but after 6 or 7 rows I realized that the yarn I chose was not suitable after all. It felt nice, but it became extremely fuzzy – which is too bad, because… the look of it! Ugh… I really have to find something better for this beautiful yarn. I am at a loss. Even unraveling this was difficult, because the little fibers around the yarn got all tangled and stuck together.

Something more solid is probably a better suited pattern for this. And thus the search continues…

I reconsidered. Last year my mother-in-law had been visiting us from overseas for a couple of months, and I had decided that I would make her a shawlette in her favorite color blue. I bought this rather expensive and really beautiful yarn for her…

Bamboo Yarn

…and got started on a pattern, which I soon got bored with, which was why it has been laying around in my WIP basket for over a year now.

So why not re-purpose it and try it out with this pattern instead? I am sure my MIL will like it just as much. Because I do! It’s obviously a lot bulkier than the Katia Air Lux, and therefore the pattern isn’t quite as visible, but it feels very soft and works up extremely quickly. Here, have a look and let me know what you think, if you’d like. I appreciate all input!

EDIT: Call me crazy – this pattern is so awesome, that I have grabbed yet another ball of yarn that I have been dying to use: the Katia Jaipur. It’s 100% cotton, and therefore not fuzzy at all – and has the most beautiful color changes. I whipped it out in the subway on my morning commute… and people were looking at me funny. But who cares… right?

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