Crochetophile on Ravelry & Craftsy

I am a member of both of these wonderful networking sites – have been for years, actually. I sporadically use them to download a pattern here and there, and for a while I have uploaded my finished projects to Craftsy to show off.

And then I usually forget about them again.

Until today, when I found a pattern for a knitted shawl on Pinterest…

…the origins of which point back to Ravelry.

So I went there and decided for the umpteeth time that I will devote some time to not only update my blog, but keep my Ravelry (- and maybe Craftsy) accounts up to date as well. Ravelry is a wonderful source of information and patterns, like Craftsy, but what I really appreciate is how you can collect all kinds of information about hook sizes and yarn types and colors with your Ravelry projects, link directly to the pattern makers, and get inspiration based on the yarn you’d like to use for your next project. Also, it’s a very large community and it may be easier to connect with fellow crocheters and gain new readers here from there. Craftsy, on the other hand, is much slicker and cooler looking and makes Ravelry look like a sad leftover from the early 00’s. Displaying your projects is a lot more fun over there, and one can find just as many patterns, with the added bonus of classes (- that you have to pay for, obviously).

Looks definitely go to Craftsy, functionality, IMHO, to Ravelry. And since I can’t decide, I’ll try to keep both updated the best I can.

I will not upload previously finished projects on either one of those sites, unless they have been mentioned here on this blog – which is something I plan on doing, eventually. (And I have a LOT of finished projects! Lots of content to share over time!) Craftsy, of course, has a bunch of my old stuff already on display, I am still thinking about whether to just leave it, or make a clean slate and start all over with the projects I have worked on/finished ever since starting this blog.

So see you here, and there, and everywhere! 🙂 In the meantime, check out my recently updated galleries: crochet, knitting, felt plushies & coloring for adults!

EDIT (2015-08-14): I have actually decided to let go of my Craftsy account. Or rather: to wipe it clean, because I haven’t found an option to really delete it.

(Honestly? Few things annoy me more than services that do not make it clear/obvious how to delete one’s account, or don’t make it possible at all – what gives, Craftsy?)

The functionality of Ravelry is more than enough for my purpose – I don’t need 4 spaces to update with all the same projects, and the actual point of Craftsy are really lessons more than anything else – for which I will not pay real-life money so long as YouTube exists. Ravelry just suits my needs better… and have I mentioned the yarn database before??? Yeah, that’s why.

You can find my projects page here.



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