Pretty Basic – WIP Notes

Well, look at me knitting (sorta) lace. It’s smooth going, so far, until a couple of days ago, when I looked at other people at Ravelry, who have knitted the very same pattern. And I got very confused. Why are my lace-lines all straight when they are supposed to be V-shaped? How in the world will I add the border to this thing? On which side am I, actually – am I knitting this from the tip up, or is it the other way around? Help!

Pretty Basic 3On the pattern page I found the link to a support group, moderated by the creator of the Pretty Basic shawl. So I went and posted this here picture, a bit embarrassed, asking the nice people there where in the world I went wrong with this… what am I not getting?

Knitting is really frustrating, in as I do not truly understand what I am doing. I haven’t yet dropped any stitches (*knocks on wood*), but I am still not confident that what I am doing is right. Turns out – there is nothing wrong with my WIP at all, it just the way it looks on straight needles – and what looks like the bottom tip of the shawl is actually the straight border on top! Huh. It took me a while to figure the truth of that one out, even with the information right in front of me:

It looks very good and correct to me. No need to be embarrassed!

I think why you may be confused is because the edge along the bottom part of your picture is actually the straight top edge of the shawl and the part on the needles is where the point is. Once you’re done and it’s off the needles you will see that the lines of eyelets follow the V-shape too =) You could also see the shape if you were using circular needles and moved the stitches to the cable, but it looks like you’re using straights.


I agree, everything looks correct.

If you stop at the center stitch on the next row and make an upside-down “V” with your needles, you should see the shape of the shawl better.

Even though I knit with circular needles I still sometimes stop at the center stitch myself and just admire how the shawl is knitting up.

And from the designer herself:

Like x and y already said, everything seems to be in order. It just looks different on straight needles, but doesn’t affect the outcome when finished. But you may find it easier to knit with circular needles as your stitch count gets bigger and bigger.

Well, that was awesome. Really prompt and very nice pattern support. Makes it all the more fun to work on this thing, knowing that a) I am actually doing it right, and b) there is help available right at my fingertips, should I need it. One more reason why Ravelry is awesome.

Pretty Basic 4

EDIT: Yep, that’s more like it… now I am starting to understand what I am doing here!

Pretty Basic 5

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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