Trying to organize my bubbling brain

One of the (not so good) results of our move was that I had to give up on my current semester at University. The exam takes place about a week from now, and considering that I spent 2 out of the 4 months of the semester packing and unpacking boxes, building furniture, buying furniture, painting walls, etc. – taking it really wasn’t an option at all.

I am not happy about the loss of time, but looking at the bright side: I am now faced with a rather extensive study-free period: the next semester starts mid-October. The fact of which causes my brain to run rampant with ideas and to-dos of the crafty kind. In a very unmanageable and kind of overwhelming way, so it’s time to step on the neuronal brakes a bit and get organized – because what I want to do, and what is realistic to actually get done, that’s not exactly the same.

So, in a first step, here’s my list of current WIPs that I am actually working on:

  • the Moogly CAL
  • the Queen cushion covers
  • 3 bear amigurumis for the 3 loves of my life
  • the Fortune Shawlette for my daughter
  • the Pretty Basic lace shawl for myself

Obviously, there are a lot more that that, but they are not on my priority list right now and will not be taken into consideration.

Also, I’ve been planning to make a door wreath for the different seasons for the longest time, but I’ve never felt up for the challenge of the million itty-bitty crochet pieces that would be neccesary for such an undertaking. Cue feltingagain.

Fall is approaching quickly, and for September I’d like to have the fall wreath up. Something like this, maybe?

October will be all about Dia de los Muertos in our half-Mexican household, so I looked around Pinterest, and lo and behold:

Aren’t the felt sugar skulls just awesome? My brain is like… door wreath!!! Sugar skull garlands!!! Skeleton plushies!!! Papel picado!!!

And I’m like…

Settle down, Beavis

You see, it’s definitely time for some prioritizing.

September is just around the corner, so I will buy the body of the Wreath today. I have half a mind to just wrap it with white yarn all around, much like we did for the Baby Nephew Felt Plushie Mobile, which would make it versatile for every season: I can pin on seasonal decoration, and take it down again for the next one. Maybe I’ll buy some ready-made fall-decoration for it, but I will definitely get started on felt leaves, owls, acorns, etc. as well. It’s a priority thing simply due to the state of our calendar. Dia de los Muertos pieces will have to be begun mid-September.

The Pretty Basic lace shawl is right up there in importance, too… just because I love it so much. I enjoy knitting it immensely, and I absolutely love how soft and airy it feels like. Also, I am quite proud of myself for actually doing it – with two needles instead of one hook! Going to have to yoink No.4 round needles from my mom today, because the thing is starting to get too big for my straight needles already.

The Fortune Shawlette for my daughter. I still don’t like it, but it’s a priority by default, because: it’s for my daughter. I have it in my purse with me at all times and pull it out a lot during my commute, and I expect it should be done rather quickly if I put my mind to it properly.

The amigurumis. They are hanging around in my craft purse in pieces, which bothers me, because I don’t like unfinished amigurumis hanging around in my craft purse in pieces. They are not really a priority, but because they are unfinished amigurumis hanging around in my craft purse in pieces, I should just finish them. There really isn’t that much work left to be done. So, ugh. Get to it, woman.

The Moogly CAL. I am so(!) behind on this, it isn’t even funny. I am up to #9 – the CAL is up to #17. Oy vey. But then again… I am so far behind already, a few more weeks of laying around idly won’t really make a difference anymore. So off to the backburner you go!

The Brian May Cushion Cover? NOT a priority. Simple as that.

So it seems like I have my battle plan in order, and it sounds quite doable. How about you? Are you all about fall in spirit already? (We still have to get throught yet one more heat wave… but then it really should be done and over with this summer. But then… I already said that after the last heat wave we had. Screw you, summer!!!)

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