Impulse Project-Starting

You know how it goes, right? You scroll through Pinterest, Ravelry, or whatever else your favorite go-to place for finding crochet/knitting patterns may be… and you see THAT THING, and it’s AWESOME, and you just GOTTA MAKE IT.

Which in itself is pretty wonderful… but with me it’s usually like this:

Eyes: “Hey, brain, look at this gorgeous pattern! Isn’t it just beautiful?”
Brain: “Yeah, totally. We should definitely put that into our project queue.”
Eyes: *stare*
Brain: “So beautiful! I know… but there are too many WIPs in our basket already. They need to be finished before we touch anything new, no matter how gorgeous.”
Eyes: *stare*
Brain: “But on a second thought…”
Eyes: *stare*
Brain: “…why wait?”
Feet: *run to the next store to buy yarn*
Me: *facepalm*

I couldn’t help myself. Gründl Royal in marine blue. And 8mm needles. Ahem.

Gründl Royal


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