The Importance of Blocking

I have the perfect piece to illustrate the importance of blocking very impressively. Here’s a shawl I already made last year and never bothered to block:

Summer Shawl 1

It’s a sad little affair, really. It looks so crappy that I never bothered to wear it, either. But because I love the colors so much and would actually love to wear it, I decided to finally give this thing the nice ol’ wet tug-and-stretch-and-pin, so this is what it currently looks like, pinned to our bed:

Summer Shawl 2

A world of a difference!

I have learned about the importance of blocking for finished projects when I started the Moogly Afghan CAL early this year, and have been wet-blocking my finished projects ever since. If you don’t know how it works, there are a ton of tutorial videos and sites out there – give it a try, it really gives your projects that nice and finished look and feel! I’ll post pics of the blocked shawl later, when it’s dry and all the pins are removed.


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