A different kind of craftsy project…

The family and I took a short trip into a forest a couple of days ago, and our mission was: find suitable twigs for our future budgies. Living in Vienna as we do, finding a suitable forest close to the city is not a difficult feat at all. From where we live, it’s basically only a 10 minute ride in the car and we are out in nature, in a way that you wouldn’t believe that a large city is nearby. (And 20 minutes by public transportation into the opposite direction gets me right into the center of the city – I love Vienna!)

We hiked around a bit, following the kids’ lead to wherever they wanted to go, and had fun picking up a random twig here and there, until the husband happened across a huge pile of wood, where an entire tree had apparently been cut down. A poplar tree, I would think. This was what we deemed suitable for our purpose:

Welliaufbau 1

Dragging all this lumber back to the car was fun. Scrubbing it down in the bathtub with my bad back and nothing but scalding hot water (ouch) and a tiny lil’ brush was fun, too.

After the scrubbing and some figuring out our living room suitability for a bird tree, we ended up with this:

This corner is perfectly suited for a bird tree, because it’s in the middle of our living room, but because it stretches out over the empty space above our stairs, it virtually takes up none of our space. It utilizes space that is otherwise completely useless in terms of “living” in it. 3 L-shaped brackets did the trick, and then we went on adding a branch to it:

The thin rope has earned me some criticism in the budgie group I am a member of on Facebook, because it supposedly holds potential danger for the birds and their claws, which may get stuck. I’d like to say: as long as the thread is watched closely and replaced at the first signs of too much wear and tear, we will be safe. It’s better than having exposed screws and two branches running parallel to each other that create a small slit into which a little budgie head may be stuck, and may get stuck. It’s all a matter of supervision, really.

So, the interim-view. It’s awesome, if you ask me. There will be one more smaller branch added to the top of the tree, and a couple of more toys, maybe. We’ll play it by ear when we see how it builds up. Woe is me when I think about the stairs underneath, though… pending poop galore! There will be lots of cleaning in our immediate future, lest we end up with bird poop stuck to our sucks, oy vey!

(The position of this bird tree is perfect for the reason mentioned above, abundant poop dropping notwithstanding.)

Then, the cage. We splurged and bought a Montana Madeira I. I’d have prefered the II for its slightly bigger size, but it wasn’t to be had anywhere – and the III is absolutely too big for the space we have available. The Madeira I is a close call in terms of sufficient size, but it will do considering the fact that they will spend most of their time outside of it. The quality of the cage is astounding, and looking at it and how sturdy yet “airy” it looks like, I am glad to have shelled out this kind of cash. It isn’t just a simple cage, it’s a beautiful piece of decoration for our living room. Assembly was easy enough, and furnishing it was a fun little project. I ordered at zooplus.de last Wednesday night, and the cage and all my supplies arrived the next Monday morning from Germany.


What I absolutely love? This branch that we found, and which perfectly fits on top of the cage, creating extra space to sit and play:

Käfig 2

There is also a bird playground, which has been thoroughly broken in already, as you can see:

Vogel 11

And also the bird tree:

Vogel 12

There are still a few toys and perches  left to be put up around the room, but aside from that we are pretty much ready for our new friends.

Today I have visited a breeder in Vienna, and promptly fell for two budgies: a quiet grey girl with white wings (- I wanted a grey one really badly), and a bright yellow-turquoise piebald boy who immediately stole my heart with his antics. They are both between 6 and 8 months old. I had the breeder put a reservation on the two birds for me until Friday, which is when we will go and pick them up. Picture me excited – maybe even more so than my kids, who can barely contain themselves anymore and shuffle around the empty cage pretty much all day. 3 more days!


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