Crocheting in Public

Public CrochetCrocheting in public… do you do it? I have picked it up recently on my commute to work, but I admit that I do feel a bit awkward when people around me are looking at what I am doing – and they do stare a lot. Because it’s an usual sight, I am sure – but it does make me feel self-conscious a bit, so I usually end up putting it away after a short while.

How do you feel about crocheting/knitting in public?


3 thoughts on “Crocheting in Public

  1. If it is a really long wait I will, but most of the time I feel weird. I try to only crochet in public when it is something easy and I can basically hold it in my bag, while working on it. 🙂 Every now and then I meet another crocheter waiting though!


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