Yoda & Loki

After posting about my childhood experience and our recent big decision, as well as our process of getting our apartment ready for our new family members, I feel like I owe this blog an introduction of who all this fuss was actually all about.

Internet, meet Yoda & Loki.


Yoda is a male Australian Pied Budgie and Loki is a Grey Spangle female. They are both around 6-8 months old, and they moved in with us on September 10, after I found them at a very well-reputed pet store in the city, and fell in love with both instantly. I went there wanting two babies of maybe 2-3 months. Both males. I secretly wanted a grey one, at all costs. Either fully grey, or some pied version with some grey in it. When I went to the store, I immediately saw a grey one sitting there. How exciting! The only grey one of the entire bunch… and a really beautiful one at that. For me, it was love at first sight. As it turned out though, neither was it a male… nor was it a baby. I changed my mind immediately – I absolutely had to have her, no matter what the family would say! And the male? I saw him – the only pied budgie of the lot – sitting in a cage with a bunch of other males, doing his very best to impress… well, me. Intentionally or not… but I totally fell in love with his mad budgie swagger on the spot! He pranced back and forth and sang his little heart out and was louder than any and all of the other males there in the cage with him. What a poser! Just what I had in mind – and the decision was made right then. These two, or none other. Of course, the kids would have the freedom to have a say in this as well, but somehow I knew that they would totally agree with me and not question my choice.

(I am pretty sure that the many pics and the video I took of the two and showed the kids upon coming home had nothing to do with me getting my way without any opposition! 😉 )

Life has been exceptionally good-feeling ever since – mostly because having them transports me back all these years right to my childhood, and this amazing feeling of “home” and “happy”.

And also because these animals are absolutely amazing and went from two scared creatures perched in a corner of the cage and not moving an inch (- or a single muscle, for that matter) to two curious and adventurous cuties who come to my hand willingly for millet – and even just for fun without millet on occasion – within a week.

Having kept away from animals (- outside of my aquariums, that is) for years and years due to my allergies, it seems like I have completely forgotten the way their presence can soothe and ground me, and how happy they can make me feel. (Plus: the pure joy and exhilaration of being able to interact with an animal without halfway putting myself into the ER because of it!) Every day after work I devote some time to working with them, and the reward – in my opinion – has been tremendous. Yoda seems to be the more courageous one of the pair, so it has been especially amazing to watch Loki overcome her fear and caution, and work up the courage to come to me after several days of (visibly) thinking about it – and then even trying to fly to my outstretched finger halfway across the room, without millet to bribe her into it. (Not bad for a week, eh!?) There is nothing quite like the feeling of earning the trust of an animal, and it feels extremely good to see that I still know how to handle and deal with budgies, after all these many years.

Long story short: I am extremely happy these days, I have found a functioning way to unwind and relax after work (- muchly needed!), and I feel like I am back to where I have always supposed to have been in the first place. Guinea pigs. Cats. Fish. Red Fire Shrimp. All of them nice and some of them awesome… but none of them anything like my birds – 25 years ago, and today. I am kind of a bird person. Have been as a child – still am today. And it was a very beautiful feeling to figure the truth of that out again. 🙂


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