CAL Block #10

So, after a hiatus from this project that lasted about 4 entire months, I have finally started to feel the itch again to work on catching up on my squares. Maybe it’s because fall seems to be finally here any my urge to get my hands on a hook or needles is growing again as it does every year after summer’s over… maybe it is because most of the squares that were released ever since I made #09 are so gorgeous, that I just want to see them finished in my hands already.

CAL Block #10 is called Whimsical Penelope’s 12″ Merry Go Round and was designed by Simply Collectible Crochet. It’s very pretty, and was pretty straight-forward and enjoyable to make. That’s not to say that I managed it without mistake, much to my chagrin. The issue is mine, though – not the pattern’s. I messed up in Round 3 on my second square, after the first one went just swimmingly, and somehow ended up with 23 bobbles instead of the required 24 – a problem which I noticed too late, and was too lazy to go back and fix, thinking I’d compensate in some other way. Well, I did compensate – but the result is kind of… askew. Hmpf. Not happy… and yet, still too lazy to start over. I’m thinking: nobody will notice the mistake once I have sewn it to 4 other squares and into the unity of the finished afghan, so there.

I did make slight modifications to the pattern, though, as I swapped the split stitch for regular SCs, and I also added a row of (DC/skip 1/CH) around the edge, in order to make them fit the rest of my squares in terms of size.

Still – love the outcome very much, have a look!

This project can also be found on Ravelry.

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