Felt Halloween Bat

Halloween Bat

Meet… The Bat. The Bat cracks me up. The Bat is hilarious. The Bat is cute as hell, which I do not take any credit for, because it is not mine own invention. In fact, I took it from here, because I am not that good at drawing cutsey stuff.

The original is quite a bit cuter, I think, but considering that I traced the shapes on paper which I awkwardly held to my laptop screen, I’d say mine is pretty darn cute in its own right.

Plus: mine is actually a keychain.

Also: it isn’t actually mine. I made it for my coworker for her birthday. My coworker has a thing for bats, so The Bat it had to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t have orange thread to line the black body with, but I think it turned out cute as hell regardless. And now that I am done with it, I want to show it off on my blog and on my FB page immediately, but since my coworker cannot see it until tomorrow, I will have to time this blog entry and publish it sometime tomorrow morning! What a bummer.


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