CAL Block #14

Well, that’s a total bummer. Here’s my first Tamara’s 12″ Square, designed by The Crochet Lounge, which seems to now be offline. The designer is also on Ravelry, but unfortunately even there it says that this pattern is “no longer available”

…which truly and honestly sucks, because I really dig this square, and my #1, which I have finished sometime in August or September, still needs a #2, which I wanted to get started on today. I contacted Tamara of moogly about this, and she was really quick and nice in her response, saying that – even though this CAL operates under the premise of all featured designs being available and free for at least the duration of it, unfortunately this designer isn’t holding her end of the bargain. 😦

So, dear “icephoenix”, if you are reading this – it would be wonderful if you’d put your design back up for download, I really need a second one… or else the one I already made can’t go into my finished blanket at all, because OCD sucks that way.

Tamara 12" Square 1 (and only)

EDIT 2016-02-13: A few weeks ago, Tamara of moogly posted an update, saying that she managed to find the pattern for the Tamara 12″ Square via web archives. The designer, unfortunately, has completely disappeared from the face of the internet. I do hope she’s alright.

Anyway – I am happy to have been able to give my first square a partner at last, so here goes:

This project can also be found on Ravelry.

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Block #10 | Whimsical Penelope’s 12″ Merry Go Round
Block #09 | Spring Burst 12″ Square
Block #08 | Springtime Lily Pond Afghan Square
Block #07 | Crochet Pinwheel Afghan Square
Block #06 | Solstice Sun Rising
Block #05 | UnBroken Hearts
Block #04 | Family Square
Block #03 | Windmill Square
Block #02 | Starburst
Block #01 | Tamara’s Kismet Square


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