A WIP off my needles!

Snowball Scarf 1 - DetailI am relieved… one of those things that I started sometime during the last fall or winter, and then got bored/annoyed with, has jumped off my needles today: my son’s Snowball Scarf.

I picked it up again a few days ago when it measured a mere 50 cm – I finished it off at 130 cm today. I didn’t use a pattern – I just cast on 30 stitches and knitted in plain stitches all throughout. Anything else would have been lost with this textured yarn, anyway.

I cannot remember where I picked up this yarn, I think it was one of those things I bought online from someone, through a Facebook group, maybe. I think a scarf or a cowl really is the only thing that can be done with it, due to its extreme texture. It’s called Gründl Four Seasons “Snowball” (50% nylon, 50% polyester), and it definitely took some getting used to working with. In the end I had figured it out and it went quite smoothly, overall. The resulting fabric is really soft to the touch, snuggly… my son loves it! But – quite honestly – if I’ll never have to touch this yarn again, I’d be happy.

However – not so. I still have two balls of blue snowball yarn… and my daughter wants a scarf for herself just like it. Yay.

Snowball Scarf 1

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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