FILATI Contest – please extend a “like”

Good morning everyone – I am interrupting the regularly scheduled programming for the following appeal to my dear readers:

I am participating in a contest hosted by my favorite local yarn store, FILATI. It’s one of those things where whoever gets the most likes, wins. I don’t usually participate in contests like that, because they are hardly fair: whoever has the biggest friends lists, wins. It isn’t really about who has the “best” or “most beautiful” piece at all, but whoever manages to motivate the post people.

But I am participating in this case, because there’s 150€ worth of yarn to win! And… OH-BOY-OH-BOY-OH-BOY!!!!!!!!

So please, my dear readers, if you feel so inclined to help a Crochetophile out and make a Christmas miracle come true, please click on the posting below and like the picture of Michael’s Baby Blanket – I would so(!!!) appreciate it.

The pattern for this wonderful blanket, btw, can be purchased here.

Thanks and have a wonderful day,
The Crochetophile


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