Nadelspiel’s Crochet Advent Calendar – Day 17

17Well. I really like the look of the doily with the tips – so much better than just the round thing the way it was yesterday. And yet… I really do not want to weave in 40 single strands of thread. Elisabeth mentions in the video that she’s tried every method in the book in order to save us CAL participants from cutting and weaving in ends, but whatever she did it just didn’t look the part, and that would be a shame after putting in so much effort during the course of the last couple of weeks. I fully believe her, because she’s some kind of well known Austrian knit- and crochet Goddess, and her many videos and tutorials have helped me through a great deal of dunnohows before. Still, I have decided to boldly go against her advice, and try it with slip-stitches instead of cutting off threads, regardless.

If it doesn’t look good, I may just add a border of single crochets all around… who knows. (As you can see, I am actually typing this before I have finished this very last round, so I don’t quite know yet what’s going to happen. Pic to follow.)


EDIT: Here’s the picture – about a week late, but hey.

Crochet Advent Calendar 2 - Day 17

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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