Generations At Work

Of course, my kids – like every other in the Western world – have been infected with the loom fever when it broke out on a massive scale. They made bracelet after bracelet and we bought half a ton of these rubber bands, and they even had me go on YouTube and find instructions for more complicated things that they, of course, couldn’t do themselves, so they made me do them.

The result of which were two 3d-guinea pigs and red streaks on my fingers and the solemn vow never to do that, ever again. (I wish I could find the picture.)

And then happened, what usually happens: the boxes with the rubber bands went the way of most once-highly-popular toys – they were put away, and haven’t been touched in many months ever since. Fast forward to a few days ago when we went to my employer’s annual Kids’ Christmas Party at the office, where the daughter of one of my coworkers handed out loom snowflakes to everybody, including my kids. When I saw this, I predicted that the very next day my kids will be frantically searching for their own loom shtuffs, which have been put god knows where after our move.

As predicted – they did. And they found them. And she took them with her to school. And made a bazillion bracelets between yesterday and today. And then she had me go on YouTube again to figure out how these snowflakes were made, and we found flowers and butterflies instead, and then I found myself sitting at my parents’ dining table with with my daughter and my mother, looming flowers and butterflies together. Which was awesome.

And this was just the humble beginning:

Loom Flowers

She’s downstairs now, cranking out flower after flower on a crazy rubber-band-assembly line… and nobody has asked me yet to turn on the TV.

I highly approve.

If anybody is interested in how these are done:

And the guinea pigs I once made…? Here, have fun:


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