Snowcatcher’s Snowflakes (aka Nadelspiel’s Crochet Advent Calendar – Day 22)

22Elisabeth is showing us how to do a star today.

How fitting! Because last night I have started to make a wild assortment of snowflakes already, and this fits perfectly with it! And I will continue to make more over the course of the next couple of days – as many as I can possibly manage before Christmas Eve. I’ve got the patterns from here:

The Snowcatcher Crocheted Snowflake Pattern Directory.

Holy shit. Just what I needed. I am hoping to get enough done to decorate our festive table nicely, maybe in addition to some Tea Light Cozies, we’ll see.

So here are the patterns I used last night:

I have to say: these snowflakes are an interesting and fun break of my usual work. They work up rather quickly – but not quite as quickly as I thought they would. I admit: they are more complex than I expected them to be. Maybe that’s because some of these patterns, unfortunately, aren’t flawlessly written, and require some adjustments here and there, which – I believe – you do need some experience for. Nevertheless – I absolutely LOVE what came off my hook last night!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

And here’s today’s take on nadelspiel’s Advent CAL, star “Milanea” which you can find here:

Crochet Advent Calendar 2 - Day 22

All of these still have to be blocked, of course – I will post them post-blocking all together once they are all finished.

I may have to lay off this crochet craze that I am currently on after Christmas Eve is over… I am starting to feel a bit sore in my right hand. The kind of sore that might well turn into a mild case of tendosynovitis, if I’m not careful…


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