Nadelspiel’s Crochet Advent Calendar – Day 24

24And with nadelspiel’s star “Erinuit”, the advent calendar is a wrap.

It’s been a lot of fun to crochet along with Elisabeth, and even though I still don’t like doilies (- and probably never will), I have to admit that the process in and of itself was immensely enjoyable. It was like coloring a mandala… very meditative and calming. Just because of that, I’d probably do one again. And, well, my daughter wants it – so I have actually found a taker. I am still not quite finished, but I will post it as soon as I have it, which should probably be by tomorrow, once Christmas Eve is over.

Here’s my Erinuit, the instructions for which you can find here.

Crochet Advent Calendar - Day 24

Here are the snowflakes I have managed to finish and block so far:


And here’s our Christmas Eve table with them. I just love how they all turned out!

Christmas Eve Table

A very merry Christmas to all of my readers! Enjoy the holidays, hopefully among your loved ones – and hopefully with a lot of crocheting and knitting!

Merry XMas


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