T’was Christmas Eve…

…and here’s what I got from Geo:

Tunisian Crochet Hooks

I know you can’t see much, because of the plastic – but it’s a gorgeous set of Tunisian Crochet Hooks that I’ve had on my amazon wishlist for ages, but was never willing to spend the money on for myself. (These things are expensive!) So now that they’ve made their way into my hands, I can finally start to learn this technique – which I don’t know the first thing about. I am looking really forward to that!

The set comes with 8 hooks ranging from size 3.5 mm to 8.0 mm, and are absolutely gorgeous – made from birch wood, I believe. Here’s one in detail (5.5 mm):

They feel extremely smooth and soft to the touch, and since without the cable they can be just used as regular crochet hooks, I think this’ll be just the thing I’ll do, to get some good mileage on them. I absolutely love them! I’d love to show you the link on amazon, but they’re gone from my wishlist now, and I can’t seem to find them anymore now…

He also got me this:

Star Wars Amigurumi

It’s Lucy Collin‘s collection of incredibly cute Star Wars amigurumi!

She used to sell these separately on Ravelry a while ago, which was when I bought 2 patterns from her and made these:

Ironically, the material that is enclosed in the box is measured exactly to make… Yoda and a Stormtrooper. Hmpf.

Truth to be told, I was a bit disappointed when I unwrapped it… because I’ve already bought what I had wanted in the first place, and didn’t think I’d need any more. Also? I’ve gotten really impatient with making amigurumi lately… I find it increasingly tedious and annoying to do them, even Freddie – who I dearly wanted to have – was much more of a chore than an enjoyable process. My first impulse was to say thank you and hug Geo – after all, he can’t know my current feelings towards amigurumi-making, and he can’t know that I’ve already bought all the patterns I had wanted from the set previously – and then to return the set to amazon and exchange it for something else.

Now, however, I am not so sure. My kids went all apeshit over the set and already told me which figures they want, and were all hugely disappointed when I said nope… not gonna happen. Also, Geo. He did a really nice thing to the best of his knowledge, which is awesome, thinking I’d love it. And I do! I just don’t love amigurumi-making anymore – which may change in the future!?

Ah… to hell with it, I’ll keep it. I mean, if amigurumi – then Star Wars amigurumi, right? And what if I’ll ever want to make another one again, for whatever reason, then I won’t be able to do so, because the patterns are not available individually anymore, because of the book. Smart move, Lucy Collin, smart move indeed.

May the yarn be with you.


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