Patrón Osita con Pijama – WIP Notes

It’s been a while – a LONG while – since I started this project. Quite honestly, I can’t remember when I did. It for sure was sometime after November 2014, because it started out as a triple-project: one each for my own two kids, and one for my then unborn nephew. I believe I may have even wanted to do these as a Christmas present last year, but then I lost interest/determination, because my sudden dislike for making amigurumi already started to rear its ugly head back then.

Alas, in my current crochet-craze I have dug all the body parts out of one of my project bags, and I am highly determined to finish these things now, if for no other reason than to get all these small parts out of my bag for good, at last.

The free pattern is called Patrón Osita con Pijama, and I found it on Pinterest…

…and fell in love immediately, it’s so darn cute. The pin links to here. It’s another Spanish pattern, but if you google the meanings of these Spanish abbreviations, it’s really easy to follow – no actual Spanish skills needed.

I am using Gründl Four Seasons Cotton Quick yarn in various colors for this, along with what I believe is a 3.5mm hook. It’s one of my old hooks with a rubber grip, and the markings have already come off of it – I’d have to get up and compare it to my other well-marked hooks in order to tell you, but… meh.

Here are some body parts:

Patron Osita - WIP

Have you ever crocheted so much in one sitting and during several consecutive days, that you’ve had to stop because of pain in your right hand? Well… I haven’t, either. Until today, that is. I thought I was joking the other day, when I said I’ll have to be careful or else deal with tenosynovitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome… but it seems like I am not too far off with my worries. Yikes!


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