Following the examples of some other craft blogs I sometimes read, I am going to do a rundown of all my (finished) projects from 2015 in chronological order. I am counting the individual squares of the Moogly CAL as finished as well – and I am not even going into my countless WIPs.

Some of these, I realize, I have never actually posted on this blog – just on my Facebook page


Infinity Loop: The first finished project of 2015… and the first epic fail of 2015. Kids, listen to your mothers, when they speak. My own mother saw what I was doing, and remarked that my loop was too narrow. She suggested I start over, and cast on at least twice as many stitches than I did. I was like.. nah. I was so far into it already, I didn’t want to start over. And I figured that if I just make it long enough, the amount of wrap-arounds would make up for the lack of width. Well. Let’s just say: I was wrong, Mom was right. Geo is keeping it around – out of politeness, I guess. For sure, he ain’t wearing it… I can understand why.

Tamara’s Kismet Square: CAL Block #01, raveled here.

Granny Square Shawl: I have been looking for a good way to use this beautiful yarn I’ve been storing for a while. I can’t remember where I found the pattern, but I do remember that I whipped this shawl up quicker than I have any other granny square project ever before. I’ve been in the zone, if you may. Regardless, I finished it just in time for my birthday, and I’ve been wearing it regularly ever since, weather permitting. The yarn was wonderful to work with, and the shawl feels amazing. It’s sturdy, yet soft… hard to describe. It’s one of my favorite pieces, to date.

Starburst Square: CAL Block #02, raveled here.


Windmill Square: CAL Block #03, raveled here.


Family Square: CAL Block #04, raveled here.

Solstice Sun Rising: CAL Block #06, raveled here.

UnBroken HeartsCAL Block #05, raveled here.

Chaqueta de Bebé a dos agujas: My first ever piece of clothing beyond a scarf – made for my then unborn nephew. I am actually pretty proud of this thing, and when I saw him wearing it for the first time, I almost burst with pride – he was so damn adorable. And it really wasn’t that hard to make. Raveled here.


Crochet Pinwheel Afghan Square: CAL Block #07, raveled here.

Springtime Lily Pond Afghan Square: CAL Block #08, raveled here.

Single Crochet Bead Bracelet: I dunno, just something. I thought it would look nicer than it actually did – and I ended up giving it to a friend of my daughter in the end. She was happy – I was happy. Raveled here.

Freddie Mercury: The first amigurumi I made in a rather long time. I kind of had to force myself to do it, because I am having a really hard time with this kind of detailed work lately – but I really wanted to have him – and I think he turned out really awesome. For the body I used a pattern, which you can find when you follow the link to Ravelry, and the jacket I came up with myself. Raveled here.


Family Square: CAL Block #04, raveled here.

Spring Burst 12″ Square: CAL Block #09, raveled here.


Plushie Mobile: I discovered a new skill over the summer, and this was the outcome of it. Made for my nephew, who was born in early August.

Plushie from Kid’s Drawing: I have always been fascinated with people sewing plushies or making amigurumi from kids’ drawings, but I’ve never had the patience to try it with crochet. With my newfound skill, however, it was worth trying – easy as pie – and I absolutely love the outcome!


Door Wreath: The plan was to do a basic white wreath that I would be able to decorate for each season. So far, so good – however, I wasn’t on time for Día de los Muertos, and I wasn’t on time for Christmas, either – so I skipped Día de los Muertos, and we bought a cute winter wreath at a Christmas market. Ah, well. I promise to do better come next spring.

Whimsical Penelope 12″ Merry Go Round: CAL Block #10, raveled here.

Key Chain: Because pride.

The Bat: It was my co-worker’s birthday, and she loves bats. And I kind of love felt-plushie-making.


The Never Ending Wildflower: CAL Block #11, raveled here.

The Sloth: If one co-worker gets a felt plushie for her birthday, then the other one has to have one as well, even if I missed the date target by about a month. Sorry, I just didn’t think of it on time… but be that as it may, she loves sloths. And I kind of love felt-plushie-making… lol.

French Corner 12″ Square: I don’t have an entry for this one yet, stay tuned…

Granny’s Shining Star: CAL Block #13, raveled here.


Tamara 12″ Square: CAL Block #14, raveled here.

Snowball Scarf 1: One thing off my needles that’s been hanging around my WIP-basket for way too long. My son loves it – and I will have to make another one for my daughter now! Raveled here.

Celebratory Druid Sickle: Well, it’s not pretty in and of itself, but in this case it’s the combination that matters! This little combo of magic potion, mistletoe, diploma and druid sickle was the graduation gift for my co-worker… it was a quick and dirty project, but really successful in its delivery! Fun times!


Tea Light Cozies: Another quick and dirty little project… not sure about its reception, but regardless, I had fun with it – and even if I didn’t get to make a set for myself on time before Christmas, I’ll keep those in mind for next year’s holidays. Raveled here.

Snowflakes: They were in part part of nadelspiel‘s 2015 advent calendar, and in part made from free patterns I found on the internet. Considering how relatively quick they came off my hook, I think I just may make a few more for next year’s holidays as well. Raveled here.

Advent CAL Pineapple Doily: What a fun thing to do! As much as I dislike the concept of “doily” on principle, I found myself falling in love with my piece a bit more every day. I really enjoyed making it, and I can’t wait to see what next year’s advent calendar is going to be. Raveled here.

NYE Bookmarks: Quick and cute – I pretty much decided to make these 3 hours before our guests arrived. No issue, though – as it took me about 15 minutes per bookmark to finish. Raveled here.


Well, that’s it. I thought there were more finished projects… but I guess that impression comes from having 12+ WIPs laying around, that are a lot of work, but were (so far) not yet finished…

Overall – not too bad, though, I think. Happy New Year!

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