First finished Project of 2016: Orange-is-the-new-Black-Cowl

I’ve been using this New Year’s Day to finish a little project that I’ve started only 2 days ago – effectively making this one of the most efficient things I have ever worked on.

What happened was that my kids and I were spending an afternoon with my sister and my nephew – and I had my Patrón Osita con Pijama body parts with me in order to finally finish these darned things. Then my dear sis threw a ball of yarn at me, about the size of my head, that she had no use for herself:


(80% acrylic, 20% wool – 400 g, 820 m)

Granted, the color is a bit… uh… crazy. Probably not too easy to find a suitable project for, if you want to make something wearable – unless you are married to Geo, that is.

When I see orange, I think of Geo. Ever since we met each other, almost 13 years ago. The car he was driving when we met, and that he used to pick me up with much to the chagrin of the entire neighborhood, was a bright-orange 1971 Volkswagen Bug.

(Infamously, when he first told me he was driving a “Beetle”, my mind immediately went to one of those cute models of the 00’s, and I thought he was insanely cool, being a guy and all. When he then came to pick me up for our first date, and I could hear his approach from several streets away, only to pull up with ye ole’ orange crapmobile, he first lost some major cool points with me. (He made up for those in other ways later, mind you.) Not to say that I was embarrassed… but I was embarrassed. Eventually, after some months, that abomination of a car left us stranded in the middle of a desert canyon several dozen miles out of Los Angeles, and with an empty cell phone battery – no joke. From there it went straight to the junk yard… but don’t tell him I called it an abomination… he’s still in love with it, oh my.)

Also, it was his brightly orange messenger bag who kind of got us in contact with each other at college. He had left it on his desk that day as a placeholder while he was outside of class, and I saw it laying there with nobody having claimed the seat right next to it, so I claimed it for myself. Of course, this was a completely random occurence and not with any purpose guiding me in any way, and don’t ever tell him otherwise, m’kay. And lastly, at around the same time he also owned this insanely cool pair of orange shades that I totally dug… and so the color orange was forever tied to him in my brain.

So of course I took that orange ball of yarn. And started a new project right on the spot, with knitting needles that belong to my sister, instead of finishing any and all of the pyjama bears that I had brought along for exactly that purpose. And because my last infinity loop for Geo was such an epic fail – it was way too thin and therefore doesn’t provide any protection (- you can find it in my recap of 2015, the very first project in January, incidentally) – I made a new cowl for him.

In orange.

Bright orange. Because orange is the new black! LOL!

But he likes it – and so do I, actually!

And now my girl wants an orange beanie… lol. Let’s see about that.

I didn’t use a pattern, I just cast on 96 stitches – then alternated 3 knit stitches with 3 purl stitches for a total of 5 rows, then knitted 50 rows, then added another 5 rows of 3 knit stitches and 3 purl stitches. Easy as pie. And here it is:

This project can also be found on Ravelry.


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