Coloring for Adults: A New Attempt

Remember when I bought myself an adult coloring book (Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford), and decided I would henceforth relax to the meditative activity that is coloring really complex and detailed images? After all, the whole world was all crazy about it as the new way out of depression, the new way to train one’s fine motor skills, to focus one’s brain, to spark one’s creativity, to reconnect with one’s inner child, to cure world hunger, and restore world peace.

Yeah. It’s been a long time ago. After I finished my first picture, I started with a few more here and there… but I realized that this activity really isn’t as much relaxing, as it is frustrating. It was aggravating me more than it was calming me, and so onto the bookshelf it went. That is, until my mother’s birthday came, and she asked for a coloring book for herself. I got her one with mandalas – a beautiful one, which I would link to, would I still be able to find it in the online store of the store that I bought it in. Long story short: giving her one made me reconsider my attitude toward my own, and then this happened today:

Coloring 2a

For the first time I actually used a small brush and water with my color pencils as intended, something I have shied away from for some reason before. The thought kind of intimidated me… don’t ask. But actually… look how nice it turned out!

It motivated me to stick it through, and then this happened:

I may have discovered – finally – what the craze is all about! You just have to use your tools the right way, and the magic actually happens. I am pretty happy with how this turned out!


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