Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug

After finishing my Mary Jane slippers, I thought I should probably go back to the three unfinished Patrónes Ositos that are still laying around, and that my kids just can’t wait for. Or, maybe my Kreisel Fingerless Gloves? I was determined. (I want those bears off my WIP-list already… I just. Can’t. Even.)

DROPS Design: Into The WoodsThen I went to see my parents, and my mom threw a gorgeous free knitting pattern by DROPS Design at me – “Into the Woods“, suggesting I could use my yarn voucher to buy some beautiful yarn to make this… and she was 100% on spot with my taste. In color and style, both. This jacket just screams my name – loudly and clearly.

So I resolved to check Ravelry’s vast yarn database for a suitable substitute yarn that I could purchase at the FILATI online store upon coming home.

Which was when I started to browse more of the free patterns available at DROPS Design, just to have a look. Which was when I stumbled upon “Infinity“. Which made me search for similar patterns on Pinterest, which put me across this:

Which reminded me of another thing I have seen a while ago, and fell in love with instantly:

Which then made me open up a bazillion tabs in my browser, looking up various ways and patterns to knit or crochet something like this without paying for a pattern. Which eventually led me here:

Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug by Jarta Jasmine Designs

The Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug by Jarta Jasmine Designs. YES!!!

My next thought was: forget “In the Woods” – I will buy yarn with my voucher for this, and make this my new big project.

And my thought after that was: but I do have some gray Gründl Four Seasons “Perfino” still laying around… which is the perfect substitute for the yarn the designer suggests. So why wait…? And if you order yarn now, you’ll get it in a few days time. Besides – maybe you can actually finish this thing before going back to work next Monday…?

You can imagine how the story ends.

(“Into the Woods” will probably be my big yarn voucher project, though. Thanks for the pointer, Mom!)

Raveled here.


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