First of all: always check your gauge. I didn’t, thinking I’d be smarter than that, and then this happened:

Wrap-Around Shrug - WIP 1

About 12 rows in I realized that on the first page of the pattern it says: 4 rows x 8 stitches = 3 in x 3 in

Ahem. Said amount of rows and stitches? Not even 2 inches on my piece. So I grabbed another ball of Perfino, as well as a size 10mm hook, and did a swatch – as I should have done in the first place. And – yay – it’s somewhere between 2.5 and 3 inches now. 3 inches post-blocking, I am certain.

So… ribbit. That hurt, considering how lengthy of a project (- see what I did there?) this is going to be.

Advantage: With a size 10 mm hook, I’ll be done faster than with a 9 mm. Also, the resulting fabric is even stretchier and “fluffier”, if you will.

Disadvantage: I had to start over! (I am currently at row 23 after restarting… but to think that this could be row 44, had I only been smarter in the first place… *wail*)

Note to self: gauge-check – don’t guesstimate.

And then I ran out of gray Perfino. On January 6. A holiday that features nothing but closed stores. Frustration level: 19876599875 out of 10.

(Situation is fixed as of today. Onwards!)

And second, just FYI: there is another Moogly Afghan CAL being kicked off today! Block #01/2016 can be found here. Of course, I am still far from finishing 2015, but I am happy to see that there are going to be more 12″ squares – because for my size blanket I need more than 2015’s 24 patterns anyway – so I am going to make a 2015/16 combination afghan!


3 thoughts on “Two things:

  1. I’ve something similar to that. I put a project done for awhile and when i went back in to finish it off I couldn’t for the life of me remember the gauge in which i was using!


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