Windows App: Stitch

StitchIn reality, I am an Apple person. Been using ye ole’ iPhone since edition 3, and been using a wonderful MacBook Pro since 2006 – which finally croaked about a year ago. (9 years worth of mileage out of a laptop ain’t shabby now, is it? Show me one Windows machine that can pull that off.)

Anyway. Because Apple shtuffs are unaffordable for me right now, I am forced to stick to Windows for the time being. I’ve got an old laptop that I use, which I have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It went almost without a glitch, and even though the laptop is old and not exactly top of the line, it seems faster now than it was when running Windows 7. What’s more: it plays nice with whatever Apple devices I have left, which was a big worry of mine.

Long story short – I think 10 is kind of nifty, for being Windows and all. I looked around the app store a little, and after downloading my essentials, I stumbled across Stitch.

Basically, it’s a client for Ravelry, that lets you view your projects, queue, stash & patterns right from your desktop or phone. What’s more: it’s really slick looking, which I am a total sucker for. Because let’s face it: Ravelry is everything but pretty to look at, it’s visually stuck in the early 00’s as far as websites go, and could totally use a good visual revamping. The app doesn’t let you browse patterns or yarns from what I have seen, but I love having my projects on display on my desktop like that.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the makers of Stitch, I am just a regular user who likes a pretty thing when she sees one.


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