Birthday Shenanigans

To finish off this year’s birthday celebrations, I got together with my good and best friends (- well, most of them. Poo on the others.) at a nice beer joint in the city yesterday, and had a really fun night.

I’d talk about this ah-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Queen Fan Book my co-workers friends got me, that is just absolutely gorgeous, and awesome, and shiny, and has all these gimmicks and stuffs to look at inside, or those three bottles of red wine that come from the Verona area, where one of my besties’ boyfriend comes from, and which I am absolutely prepared to die for (- the wine, not the boyfriend), but neither have anything to do with my craft, so I will talk about what two of my besties got me, instead:

Birthday Shenanigans

One is Rico Design’s “Creative Big Moment”. It’s a huge and fluffy-soft ball of yarn, 480m of mohairy-light goodness. It’s actually 67% acrylic, 14% wool, 10% polyester and 9% mohair. I didn’t see much of it last night in the semi-dark, and thought it was really bulky stuff that you don’t get a lot of mileage out of in terms of bigger projects, but upon closer inspection and looking at what other people have made from only one skein on Ravelry, I am pretty excited about it and can’t wait to get started on… something.

Good thing that Veronika Hug’s “Häkeltücher” came with it… not only because of that big ol’ skein of gorgeous yarn, but also because this book has been tickling my fancy on amazon for quite a while already, without me ever taking the plunge and buying it. So yeah – pure awesomeness! Been thumbing through it a little bit this morning… and can totally not decide on anything. Not that it matters – I need to start beating that urge to begin something new the very SECOND I get my hand onto a new skein of yarn anyway, and I might as well start the process now. That skein ain’t going anywhere, and I *will* finish some of what I have started, before I allow myself some mohairy goodness between my fingers.

*resolute nod*

(Not that I haven’t started something new yesterday anyway… but in my defense: it’s more of an experiment with something I’ve never worked with, and if I can get my hand on a proper clasp when we go shopping in a bit, I will be able to finish it off today. So don’t even go there. Showing off later.)


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