Crochet Wire Bead Bracelet

It’s finished! My first foray into the unknown – for I have never worked with wire before. I thought it would be difficult to crochet with this material, but it was actually a piece of cake. I didn’t use a pattern, just some inspiration on Pinterest. It’s just rows of 5 sc, really.

This is copper wire, btw. And totally wearable, if you ask me! I absolutely love it!

Wire Bead Bracelet 5

Raveled here.

I’ll leave you to it, I don’t much feel like writing today… still feeling my birthday evening in my bones… which in itself wouldn’t be so bad, had I not let a monster session of SWTOR follow this last night, until way after 2 AM. Going to take a nap now. However:

Wrap-Around Shrug - WIP 5

The 1.5 meters are full… exactly 100 rows in. Going to start with the sleeves now…

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