Wrap-Around Shrug – WIP Notes

So I have been following the pattern, even changed my hook in order obtain the correct gauge, but I am still off a bit. As a result, I didn’t have to make 77 rows in order to get to the 150cm/60in needed to wrap around my upper body, but 100 rows.

After these, I have started to work on the first sleeve, but I do see some issues with it. If I understand the pattern correctly – and this is the “extra curvy edition”, mind you – I will have to decrease by 1 hdc every row for 23 rows in total, which would make the result not just tight… but outright too small. Now, I am not exactly “extra curvy” – sure I pack a few extra pounds, but nothing too extreme. I am just really tall, which is why I chose the XL pattern, mainly. As it stands, slightly-off gauge and all, I am not sure how an actually extra curvy woman would fit these sleeves according to the pattern, without looking like a tightly wound sausage.

So I have decided to wing the whole thing from here. Not only do I feel, after trying it on, that the 100 rows are not quite enough: I want the wrap to be a little less tight around my body, a little loose-fitting. I am going to frog the part of the sleeve I have already done, and add another 15-20 cm to the body part, I think. And I will definitely not decrease the sleeves so much. I will record my changes here, just so that I will be able to make the second sleeve equal to the other, so there will be changes to this blog entry as I go.

EDIT (2016-01-18): 120 rows, ca. 180cm, 5.5 skeins of yarn. I am starting the sleeves now, for reals.

EDIT (2016-01-23): I decreased every row of the sleeve by one for 8 rows, until I reached 40 stitches across. Going to go with this amount for until I reach the elbow, maybe, before starting to decrease again towards the wrist.

EDIT (2016-01-28): I have worked up to row 20 at 40 stitches each, and now the sleeve reaches to my elbow. Going to decrease again one stitch per row until I reach 30, and then take it from there. I have a mind to stick with 30 stitches all the way down my arm – and I have also thought about maybe embroidering a few lines along the entire length in a contrasting color. (Green.) Let’s see how it works out!

EDIT: Actually. 30 stitches across was a charm – I worked 10 rows at 30 stitches until I had 40 rows, then added 2 rows of sc and called it a day. Looking pretty good so far!



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