Wrap-Around Shrug – WIP Notes

Despite all the off-topic stuff going on here recently, and me being really busy with my exam preparations now (- and SWTOR… not to forget SWTOR!), I’ve been working on my Wrap-Around Shrug. Last night I finished the first sleeve, and I was surprised at how quickly it actually went.

I’ve been jotting down my edits of the original pattern here – but I will collect them in a single post (together with the original pattern) once I am all done with it.

I’ve actually cooked up the idea of adding some color accents to my shrug, and I have started to try it out before even really getting started with sleeve #2.

Wrap-Around Shrug - WIP 6

This is going to be a lining of the edge, maybe two rows of sc, maybe just one. What do you guys think? (Hard question to ask, without seeing the whole thing, huh. I know.)

Also, I may add some stripes using this technique of Crochet Emroidery. Let’s see if it looks good!

I am planning to finish my shrug today, mostly because tomorrow we’ll be going on our annual skiing trip to Tyrol, nevermind the fact that there is barely any snow, and the temperatures are well above freezing point, even in the Alps. Crazy, at the end of January/beginning of February. (Global warming isn’t real, they say.) Anyway – I’ll be on vacation for a week, and I want to wear this thing already!

EDIT: Well, the green edge is finished, and I think I really dig it! I have tried my shrug on for the first time – what do you guys think so far?

EDIT: Revelation: my first sleeve doesn’t work. My idea of reducing the amount of stitches from 48 to 40, then go 10 rows with that, then reduce again to 30 and stick with it – looks like shit. Obviously, they look irregular, due to the double set of reductions, d’uh. Live and learn, I guess. So for the second one, I have gone down 1 stitch evenly until I reached 30 (= 18 rows of reductions), and i am sticking with that now. Looks a lot better, and fits better, too. I will also probably not do 40 rows, but only 35, as my test above showed that it’s hanging down just a tad too much.

Not going to finish tonight, unfortunately, due to my sleeve fail, but I have about 5 hours in a car tomorrow going into the Alps – so I have hopes that by the time we reach Tyrol, my shrug will be all done. Just going to weave in the ends right now, so I won’t have to deal with this nuisance on my vacation anymore.

(Still not done packing, btw. It’s midnight – and we’re leaving in approximately 9 hours. I know – it’s a major case of first world problems – but I absolutely HATE packing for a family of four, I am most likely going to procrastinate the final few things until 1 hour pre-departure, meh.)


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