Wrap-Around Shrug – FINISHED

It’s all done! And it’s so warm and snuggly. Definitely the weirdest piece of clothing I have ever made, but I like it. So, without further ado: here it is, my Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug:

You can find the original pattern here: Antonia Wrap Around Shrug by Jarta Jasmine Design. The pattern is offered for fee as “regular” and “extra curvy” versions. As you may know, if you’ve followed this blog recently: I’ve chosen the “extry curvy” variant, because I am quite tall – but then I had issues with my gauge, so the sizing was really off. Below you will find my personal edits, all collected:

Pattern edits by crochetophile:

  • The pattern calls for a 9 mm hook – I used a 10 mm instead to obtain the correct gauge, which – in retrospect- still wasn’t the right gauge, after all. Therefore I had to make more adaptations as I went on.
  • Instead of 77 rows (150 cm), I ended up making 120 rows (180 cm) before starting with the first sleeve.
  • After some trial and error trying to figure out a better way to make the sleeves to fit my arms, I ended up decreasing my sleeves by 1 stitch per row for 18 rows, until I reached 30 stitches per row. Then I crocheted 30 stitches per row evenly until I reached 35 rows.
  • I added two rows of sc in a contrasting color all around the edge of the body part: it adds some visual interest, and it makes the edge look neater, more finished.

I used a little over 7 skeins of Gründl Perfino yarn, and some leftovers in a different color of the same.

All my WIP-posts can be found here:

The designer has also provided a great picture that shows different ways of wearing it – which I am going to recreate and show off, maybe tomorrow. The picture links to the original pattern on Ravelry!


What do you guys think? I’d love your input on this thing!

Raveled here.


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