Revisiting the Kreisel Fingerless Gloves

Kreisel Fingerless Gloves - WIP 2With my Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug finally finished, I am going back to a project that has been collecting dust for a while now: my Kreisel Fingerless Gloves. I have made a point of taking only my shrug and the gloves on vacation with me, so I’d have no choice but to work on them, if I want to crochet at all during this week. Ha! Tricked myself!

I had put the gloves aside, because I had accidentally produced an octagon instead of an actual circle, and I got annoyed with myself – and therefore the whole project. So yesterday I went to unravel the octagon – which was harder and more time-consuming that expected, because the yarn… omg, the yarn. What a fuzzy affair! It got so tangled that at times I thought I’d have to throw the whole thing away and start over completely.

Alas, I managed. And I am paying better attention now… making a circle. Phew.

Going from a 10 mm to a 3 mm hook has its challenges, though… my fingers actually cramp up, have to get re-acquainted with the size of the project. But I am happy that I’ve gotten back to it, I really love the colors of the yarn!

Staying off the mountain and inside the room today… the weather/snow conditions are far from perfect… or even good… with temperatures well into the plus-side of the scale. Yesterday we had a whopping 11.4 °C up on the mountain, at about 1800 m elevation. We can literally watch the snow melting away from underneath our skis… and today it’s actually raining – not awesome.

For me this means: a day of studying for my exam… and some crocheting. Let’s see how far I get with my gloves before returning home!


Raveled here.


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