Moogly CAL Revisited

I have recently been feeling the itch to continue working on my CAL afghan again. 2015 has long since passed, and the 2016 CAL is in full swing. I have already decided to just work along with the 2016 CAL from now on, since I need more than 24 squares for my own project anyway, making it a 2015/16 hybrid afghan. I’ll pick the prettiest ones from 2015 out of those that I haven’t yet made, and then crochet along with 2016, probably.

Here’s a quick rundown of my finished squares so far:

And here are the ones I haven’t yet made – bold are the ones I like best:

Hm, looking at the above list, there are really only three squares that I don’t like. The Cupcake one, because it looks way too many color changes (- I will thoroughly check out the pattern, though, before I judge the book by its cover). The Colorburst one, because I am not sure I want a square that is made in rows – or do I? Let’s see how I feel about it after I finished #17. And the very last one – because I don’t feel like sewing four individual squares together, too fidgety! (Let’s see, though.)

And here’s what’s going on with the 2016 CAL so far:

All very pretty, so far. Will have to stock up on my colors, though!

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