New Feature: The Pattern Page

Crochet HeroineI have decided to collect all of the patterns that I have crocheted/knitted myself, or have even only just mentioned here, conveniently in one place.

This place is my new Patterns page, which you can now find listed in the menu bar on the left. It’s an eclectic mix of crochet and knitting patterns and video tutorials, ranging from free to paid. (C) denotes that this is a crochet pattern, while (K) means – you guessed it – that it’s a knitting pattern.

Thank you to all the designers who provide their awesome work for free – I have tried my best to give credit, where credit is due – should I have made a mistake, please do not hesitate to point it out to me, I will gladly correct it. (Unfortunately I cannot give credit to the creator of the image I have used for this entry, since I got it from another crochet blog who hadn’t properly linked it back herself – so if you know, please let me know.)

Enjoy the pattern page, folks! And please, if you crochet/knit something that I have already made as well, I would LOVE for you to share your work with me, I am always curious to see other people’s take on the same pattern! You can go to my Facebook Page and share it there, if you want!


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